I have gathered a lot of experience in the last 15 years. What matters is what I bring now: A wide range of skills.


Effective IT project management is not simple. I always keep the goal in sight and focus on the key aspects of an IT product: customer orientation, stability & performance, and cost-effectiveness. To achieve this, it requires development teams that work closely with the business partner.


One of my core competencies is communication. I enjoy listening and asking the right questions, enabling user-centric communication with various user groups, stakeholders, and partners from around the world. This skill helps me navigate through any situation in the business environment.


I have overseen numerous IT projects as Technical Lead, leading them to success. As a mentor, I have challenged and nurtured many students. I have also served as a supervisor to a doctoral candidate. As a Change Manager, I am pioneering the transformation of an entire department.

In 2023, I prepared for and successfully passed a leadership assessment ("Potential Validation 44")at Mercedes-Benz as the final step. My goal now is to effectively lead a team, applying all of my skills and experience as a leader.

Agile working

Since 2015, I have been gaining experience in agile work environments. Scrum, Scrum of Scrums, Kanban, and SAFe have been part of my journey for many years. Now, as a consultant and agile coach, I advise teams methodically and enhance their ways of working through agile tools and frameworks.

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